Welcome To Newport Surf Camp

Newport Surf Camp provides all the Surfboards, wetsuits and leashes.

Learn everything you need to get out in the water and start charging waves. Our Instructors are chosen from the most elite group of surfers. They have been surfing for years and will give you everything from ocean safety to the latest tricks and maneuvers.  Newport Surf Camp is located at 28th street, Newport Beach.  (at the 28th street Lifeguard Tower)


Stop watching others surf and get in the water.You can either sign up online or call us at toll free 1-866-Surf-Camp.  VIEW 2017 BROCHURE FRONT  BACK

This program is brought to you by the City of Newport Beach

Recreation & Senior Services Department.

(949) 644-3151


LEARN TO SURF TODAY! 1-866-SURFCAMP or click here to register