8:00 AM

Check-in at the 29th street jetty

8:15 AM

Campers assigned into groups. Counselors go over basics on the beach (safety, paddling, pop-ups and sun protection)

8:30 AM

Groups go out into the water; campers practice with counselors at their sides for coaching and instruction.

10:30 AM

Campers break for lunch. (students must provide their own lunch)

10:50 AM

Campers go back into the water to practice

11:45 AM

Campers leave the water & review the day where all questions are answered.

12:00 PM

Campers sign out and get picked-up.


Stay all day 

Beach Afternoon Fun Time - 12pm -3pm

Remain at the beach after Surf Camp for fun in the water and on the beach. We will Bodyboard in the surf and play games on the sand.